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Style Tips: Color and Focus

January 22, 2018

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Thrift Find: Vintage China From China

January 19, 2018


 So I went to Goodwill today with a budget of $3.99 in mind. Maybe I'll get a mid-century modern serving piece, I said to myself. The hammered aluminum cake server I had found a couple weeks ago loomed in my mind. But what was really on my heart was a cake plate! I had just found my mini muffin tin  after unpacking boxes that had been in storage for six months. I was looking for a way to display!





So I was super excited when I found a yellow, Asian patterned ceramic cake plate, even more when I discovered six matching cups, then a large serving platter propped on the back of the shelf. I was still pretty excited when I found a stack of eight salad plates and eight dinner plates. Then, when my I caught the soup bowls and the bread plates,  I entered what psychologists call a mixed state: afraid and excited at the same time.


This was going to blow my  budget.... My mental state reached both the apex and the nadir when I noticed a large serving bowl, a small serving bowl, and two Asian style serving spoons. The total - 45 pieces - was both awesome and totally overwhelming.


We didn't really need the soup bowls. But Steve did say he was going to learn to make borscht... The serving spoons were kind of small, but they were  beautifully shaped... True, there were only six cups and eight of everything else, but how often do we really have more than six people over, anyway? And it goes with my wedding china, and my Blue Willow, and my regular dishes, even the Parisian-Bistro themed salad plates... Meant to be?


The bottom line was that I could not bear to break up the set, like adopting one sibling and not the other. So I took the whole thing home. I told Steve that I could probably resell it for what I paid, which is true, but I don't think I'll be doing that... I'm so grateful to have found such a beautiful thing to share with my friends.


It's hard to date this type of china because the pattern is so traditional that it's been produced for many, many years. But the gold rims show significant wear, so my guess is that this is from the 50s or 60s and was well used. I called this a "Grandma Find." Somebody's grandmother went off to the nursing home, and none of the relatives wanted her beloved china. I will treasure it forever and think fondly of the woman who enjoyed it for so many years.


Goodwill is amazing - happy hunting!  



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